Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going Outside!

Ha. I'll bet you thought I meant going outside into the great outdoors. Nope, "going outside" in Alaska-speak means leaving the state. I just heard someone use this term in Wisconsin recently, but besides that, I have never heard it before. Back in the fall I titled one blog entry "Travelling to the Lower 48", which is what it is, but it's just not as cool sounding as saying, "Are you going outside for Christmas?"

I found all this out because we did indeed "go outside" for Christmas. After 2 weeks in northern California, I thought it would be a shock to the system to come back to Alaska, but the snowy, icy roads don't even faze me (though the moose on the road are getting to me). I'll admit that I was so thrilled when it was actually light out at 5:15 p.m. this week. And the dark mornings do make it hard to get up and get going, but we just do what we have to do, and we know that come summer we can stay up 24 hours a day with light around the clock! Tradeoffs!

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