Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung and Other Reflections

Ashfall cleanup continues in Homer, with larger businesses such as Safeway and the college bringing in water trucks, pressure sprayers and sweepers to remove ash from parking lots, while small businesses get out the garden hoses and brooms to whisk away the ash. "Please wipe your feet" signs are more common than mud right now on shop entries.

Meanwhile, Mt. Redoubt continues to steam away day and night, with a lava dome building. I was in Anchor Point today for my daughter's basketball game and got to see Redoubt clearly. Redoubt is not visible from Homer, so we have to drive up the Sterling Highway a ways to gaze at it! We're losing our hypervigilance and are a little calmer now that the ash has come goes on!

Snow is melting at a fantastic rate. So quickly, in fact, that it overflowed the road near our house creating a nice waterfall, pictured in this video. Unlike the Lower 48, where things keep on getting warmer and warmer, we know that a warm spring day may be about as warm as many summer days will be. Fifty degrees is tanning weather! Get out the bikinis! Who needs Hawaii?!

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