Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Cleats, YakTraks and Studs--Necssary Footwear!

Signs like this are a common sight around Homer. This winter has been very mild, with temperatures dipping below the teens rarely, and 40 degrees not unusual. The mild temperatures have meant lots of rain, which turns into lots of ice! Thus, comments like one of my friend's, "I need to put on my chains," refers to putting on some sort of ice handling footwear. Yaktraks are popular, as are studs and cleats.

I have often joked this winter that there ought to be a new Olympic sport: icewalking! I have gotten so used to walking on ice as I traverse my slippery driveway from house to cabin. As of the past couple days, the ice has melted to the point that dirt is showing through, so now we'll have the mud problem rather than the icewalking problem. Take my pick!


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  3. Thanks for the link! When we lose all of our YakTraks (bought 4 pairs when in Michigan a couple years ago!) I'll check these out. Meanwhile, readers, check them out! ( :