Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Loving the Scenery in Homer

Who ever said empty nesters have more time?! Our kids have flown off to other places, and we are busier than ever. Every two or three months I figure I should get my photos off my phone. In doing that recently, I came across some beautiful ones that I snapped in the course of my walks--just normal "out and about" days in Homer, Alaska with dramatic lighting, interesting perspectives or simple beauty.  Enjoy!

The sunlight on these puffs of cloud caught my eye as I was out for a beachwalk

Then the sun broke through more and a ship came by to vary the scene

I rarely pick up shells, preferring to enjoy them as I walk the beach. On this day I picked one up, and of course it was broken by time I made it home. I'm glad I took a picture of it

A fall sunset over a ship that's on the repair beach

Impressive rivers form as high tide waters rush back out to sea at Bishop's Beach

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