Sunday, June 24, 2007

The People & Cars of Homer

Everyone we have met so far in Homer has been incredibly welcoming. There is no sense of snobbetry, superiority, or uppity-ness. It has been refreshing. I guess I was expecting people to be like, "Nah-nah. We were here first," but everywhere we go there has been an openness and interest in who we are and where we are from. People have been very comfortable and to us it already feels like home here. In church we got lots of hugs (kind of weird!). The people we're renting from said they knew we would fit in because we have a Subaru Outback, the hottest vehicle in the area right now.
A man came up to us this morning and tapped on our car window as we were parked in a parking lot and asked, "Why are there so many Subaru's around here?" We're not sure. The AWD is a big feature, but maybe it has something to do with the type of people who drive Subarus. Who knows? When we were truck shopping last week in Soldotna the used car dealer begged us to trade in our Subaru. They don't last a day on his lot, and he can make a lot of money on them! Obviously, we declined. (:

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