Friday, August 3, 2012

Calvin and Coyle Trail

Bridges over the streams on the Calvin & Coyle Trail are an appreciated addition.
Five years ago when we moved to Homer we checked out the Calvin and Coyle Trail, just over 1 mile out East End Road from the 4-way stop intersection.  It was boggy and grassy and unmarked, we had to park along the road, and it was so unworthy of any mention that I didn't blog about it.  I wouldn't have wanted anyone to check it out.  In the 5 years since then it has been improved greatly, and it is now a trail worth mentioning!

A new kiosk and parking area improve access to the Calvin & Coyle Trail.
Now there is a parking area and trailhead kiosk with a map and explanations about the area.  It is owned by the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, so they are the ones who do the improvements.  In 2009 a local Boy Scout built bridges over some of the streams as part of his Eagle Scout project.  And last year Troop 555 (including my son) added 8-10 interpretive signs.  Now about 80% of the trail is boardwalk.  It is a boggy area, so those boardwalks are sorely needed. 

The viewing platform overlooks the bogs east of Beluga Lake

Boy Scouts put in the interpretive signs last fall. 
They were later vandalized but then restored.
The trail goes out, splits into a loop that heads out to an observation platform that overlooks the swampland at the head of Beluga Lake, then loops back around to the main trail.  We estimated it is about a mile total.  Yesterday when Denver and I did it, the trail was weedwhacked so we weren't wading through the tall grass.  There were several benches along the way.  I wasn't able to appreciate the scenery too much because Denver set a blistering pace, and I took the pictures as I walked.  Now that I know that it has been redone, I will visit this trail more often, particularly when it is really windy since the trail is sheltered in the trees and would be more protected than the beach or spit.  Next time I'll take it a little slower, though!

Much of the trail is boardwalk now, but some sections are hardpacked earth.

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