Sunday, August 4, 2013

4-wheeling: The Switchbacks, Beach and Head of the Bay

Some friends just bought a 4-wheeler and wanted an introduction to 4-wheeling in the area so yesterday we took them out to Voznesenka, down the switchbacks at the end of East End Road, along the beach and then the other direction to the head of Kachemak Bay to the Fox River.  I've blogged about this before but have not gotten as many pictures so this one will be more of a photo entry.

The sandstone cliffs are an interesting feature along the beach heading towards Homer from the base of the switchbacks.

The cliffs, with the coal and other layers clearly delineated

There is a cute little waterfall around behind the cliff just past where you cross a small stream

View of Kachemak Bay, looking towards Homer, from the waterfalls

Heading back towards the switchbacks the cliff rises like a monolith

The other direction, past the Old Believer village of Kachemak Selo towards the head of the bay, there was a 4-wheeler-sized cattle guard

Cattle wandered the mud flats towards the head of the bay.  The dirt section is the 4-wheeler highway to the head of the bay.

A grassy section along the Fox River

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