Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flattop Hike-Anchorage

This is a hike I have been meaning to take for years, but for one reason or another have not done. Even Doug and the kids have hiked up Flattop! And this has to be one of the more popular hikes in the Anchorage area, evidenced by the expansion of the parking lot since cars had been overflowing, parking down the road. The other sweet development at the Glen Alps/Flattop trailhead is a credit card payment kiosk (two, actually) so that folks who don't have cash or a check can still pay the $5 to park there.

The view of Anchorage from the overlook just off the Glen Alps parking area is neat, but as you make the 1300 foot climb, the view expands to the whole area. While it is only 1.7 miles (I am guessing this is one way), it feels like a good climb. Any amount of climbing will get you neat views, and the final section is a bit of a rock scramble than anyone uncertain on their feet will want to avoid.

The first section of trail heads between the trees

You can see the "flat top" of Flattop above

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Looking up the valley from near the top of Flattop

Almost at the end and back to the parking lot. Looks cool because the clouds obscure the other grounds

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