Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Moose have been everywhere lately! I've been seeing five or six nearly every time I drive out East End Road. The young'uns (last year's babies; about to be run off when mama has this year's babies) are hanging out with their mothers. Oftentimes they are kneeling in folks' lawns eating the grass. Last week Doug had to chase one off the turf field, where it was hanging out as the softball team was practicing, and moose droppings are scattered about the turf. We are trying to figure out why they hang out down there if there's no food.

And of course there are the moose-car and moose-people interactions. As I was driving home from my morning gym workout at 7:30 a.m. last week a young'un came dashing out of the alders onto the road and almost crashed into my car, only swerving at the last minute. And this evening Doug and I were preoccupied as we were walking and all of a sudden realized there were two moose standing at the side of the road munching on the bushes in someone's flowerbed.

It has been entertaining, though I'll bet I'm not the only one wondering how much earlier the moose will drop their babies this spring with this unseasonably warm weather. Our lawns are already green and ready to be mowed and trees are leafing out, so the increased nutrition will help them out.

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