Monday, May 29, 2017

A Cat Walks By....

As I was thinking it was about time to go to sleep while on my annual retreat at the Holy Spirit Center last week, I glanced out the window and saw a cat walking by.  Hm.  Then I was like, "Whoa, that cat is big!"  As it continued to walk I thought, "That's no housecat! Look at those paws! And tufted ears! That's a lynx!"  It complied by walking slowly, obviously hunting, and allowed me to get a picture and then a video.

A lynx walked by my room

As the lynx walked around the corner of the building, I dashed to the next room, the library, and as I peered down, the lynx paused and then pounced, walking away with something gray hanging from its mouth.  I'd seen a rabbit hopping about the lawn earlier that day so suspect it was rabbit that it nabbed, as it was larger than a mouse.

After that, no amount of peering out of windows got me another view of the lynx. Of course, for the remaining days there, I spent more time than usual looking out the window in hopes of seeing another view of a lynx or other wildlife!

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Carol G said...

I've enjoyed perusing your blog. Our family lived in Soldotna 4.5 years until we had to return to Illinois to take care of my elderly in-laws. We loved visiting Homer.