Thursday, July 26, 2007

Car Shopping in Alaska

Since we sold our second vehicle in Michigan before we moved here, we have been managing all summer with one vehicle, and with Doug beginning his principalship next week, we were down to the wire in finding a second car. All the teachers and anyone who knows his school said he would need a high clearance 4-wheel drive to get to Razdolna in the winter and spring. While our Subaru is AWD, it is not high clearance, so we were looking for a sport utility or pickup truck.

Our mechanic recommended getting a Nissan or Toyota truck since they don't break down as much. We looked online, in newspapers and at 10-15 car dealerships in Soldotna and Anchorage, and did not find one that was big enough for the kids and 4wd. Prices seemed higher than midwest prices, and were outrageously high at one used car outlet in Soldotna. Minivans are just not the vehicle of choice up here, and we don't see very many of them.

We ended up getting an '02 Dodge Durango. It seats 6, has enough space in the back that we can actually go camping with all our gear, has the tow package so we could get a popup or put a rear cargo carrier on it, and basically best fit our needs.