Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gardening II

The crops that I have heard do very well include cabbage (1 per wheelbarrow--prizewinning size!), broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots & leafy plants such as spinach, all of which I plan to grow next year. Corn, cucumbers and tomatoes appear to be greenhouse-only crops. I'm not sure if zucchini is indoor or outdoor here. Pea plants grow exceptionally tall, but not bushy. At first I thought this was because they were not healthy, but I realize that with the large amount of light, it stimulates the growth of tall plants.

Invasive weeds are a problem, and Alaska has many of them. Horsetail (grows about 1-2 ft. tall & is so named because it is bushy like a horse's tail. It is related to snakegrass), cow's parsnip, fireweed (a beautiful flower, but it can take over), daisy (yep, another beautiful flower that can take over), chickweed (comes from horse manure) and butter'n'eggs (yet another flower) all can become a problem in a garden. Since the field I tilled up was all horsetails that is the weed I'll need to look out for! Even parts of the plant, if broken off, can grow new plants.

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