Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Visits for Sick Cars!

House calls for cars? What a treat!

Last week I called our mechanic who used to 'live across the canyon' from us way up near the end of East End Road (see my blog post in November 2007 about 'Picking Up My Car!'). Now that we live near town getting oil changes has been more of a mish-mash of getting it done wherever we happen to be. But I was in need of the oil change as well as getting some other things looked at so I'd called up Steve from Turbo's Way. My schedule last week was crazy as I was constantly shuttling kids to swimming and other practices so it didn't happen. I was delighted when Steve pulled into my driveway this morning and offered to change my oil on the spot. Whoooo-weee! So I got to get dinner ready (I usually prep dinner at lunchtime) while my car got oiled, fixed and checked over. Somehow I feel kind of spoiled.

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