Friday, November 4, 2016

Bishop's Beach Decor

rusted car and fourwheeler

Seeing derelict cars is common on beaches in the area when folks get stuck in the mud and can't get their vehicle out in time, or when they miss the low tide and the tide comes in and blocks them from their return to the road system.  However, last week when I was out walking on Bishop's Beach I was amused to see both a car and a four-wheeler captured at the base of the cliff.  I don't walk Bishop's Beach all the often but it seems there is a regular turn-over of rusted out vehicles, and I hadn't seen this one before.  I am deep into my school year and all the busy-ness that accompanies working full-time plus family and life, so I don't blog much. Thought it would give me an excuse to let my blog readers know I haven't jumped ship--just slowing into the 'work' part of my year!

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