Saturday, November 5, 2016

Many Rivers of Homer

One of my favorite places in Homer is Many Rivers, an old cedar log cabin that has gorgeous hardwood floors and a delightful atmosphere for yoga, pilates, meditation or other health and wellness related workshops and classes. 

It is in a very convenient location, right at the beginning of East End Road as you head out of town from the 4-way stop. There is a constant ebb and flow of instructors as they come to Homer or leave. Early in the summer I was doing Pilates a couple days a week. Then I was joining a few other hardy souls to meditate for an hour each morning from 7 to 8 am. Now Kundalini Yoga classes have started back up and I have dropped in for some Saturday morning classes.

The feng shui of Many Rivers is amazing, and there has been many times I've wanted to get out my camera to take a picture to try to capture it, but no photo could do justice to the sense of solidity with the huge logs and comfort of the floor glowing in a sunrise. So you'll have to settle for my humble outdoor shot of this special place and check out the schedule at and visit a class sometime when you're in town.

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