Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wildlife in Alaska

Moose are a common sight here in the Kenai Peninsula. Last week as I was driving home from Homer a baby moose raced me along the side of the road. It was running at 22 mph, through the brush! We've seen them while out hiking, in town, in our yard, etc. Most of the ones we have seen have been mommas with babies. The ones pictured above were standing on the trail at the Wyatt Nature Center in Homer. Moose can be very unpredictable, so it is very different than meeting, say, a deer in the woods. The adult moose never run away, sometimes they walk away, but usually they stand their ground. It is difficult to know whether they're going to be crabby about our invading their space, so we keep an eye on them and give them wide berth.
Bald eagles are also a common sight, and it doesn't have the awe factor like it does in Michigan because there are so many. Sunday we saw an eagle's nest in a tree on Bishop's Beach in Homer. There was an adult and 2 babies in it.
There is a lot of other birdlife, which we are still learning the names of. Usually our comment is, "Look at those big birds!"
There is a lot of other wildlife around, we just haven't seen it. I'll keep you posted when we do!

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