Friday, April 20, 2012

Softball Practice on the Spit

Heavy snowfall this winter has presented a challenge for spring sports.  Although temperatures have been above freezing during the day for almost a month now, there is still snow on the ground, and where the snow has melted it is still wet and mucky.  Today as we were walking on the Spit trail we were tickled to see the Homer High School girls varsity softball team practicing in a tide zone.  At high tide this area is covered with water, but it provided a good field (albeit a windy one!) for the girls to practice on.  One girl was late and had to jump across the incoming stream of the high tide. 

I appreciate the creativity of the coaches in finding ways to make practice happen.  This was certainly better than the boys team, who saw the baseball field was free of snow so went up there to practice and large gouges of grass were obliterated where boys had slid.  It was with good reason that all sport games scheduled for this weekend (soccer, baseball, softball, track) on the Kenai Peninsula were cancelled.  Everyone is hoping but not too hopeful that they'll be playing games next week.  Right now the middle school track season has been condensed to 1 1/2 weeks (all 4 meets in 8 days!)...but that's only if enough snow is gone for Thursday's meet to be held.

I don't know if the girls appreciated the view, but it was a glorious sunny day and the mountains were gorgeous!  Plenty of people pay money for this view, which we get every day!

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