Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oiler Field-Kenai

Wasilla vs. Kenai on Oiler Field in Kenai
Baseball is not one of my favorite sports, but I certainly felt immersed in it the past few days.  Douglas was on the Board of Control for baseball regionals this year, meaning that if there were any disputes, he and the other BOC members would make the ruling.  Thus, he had to stay close to the fields Thursday, Friday and Saturday as the eight teams in the region sought the title.  Part of the reason Kenai was able to host the regional games is because they have a semi-pro baseball league and field, the Kenai Oilers.  The field is just down the road past Kenai Middle School, and I'd walked by it before as I checked out  the disc golf course trails adjacent the stadium.

The parking lot is gravel, the concession stands and ticket booth typically old, worn wooden buildings, and the box seats in the stadium were comfortable, though worn.    I'm always a little startled when I come across places like Oiler Field--they are so out of my normal activities, yet they are one more thing that add to the quality of life/entertainment for people living in the area.  It also made me a little sad going to these games because there were so few spectators.  Even the boroughs track meet a few weeks back got more spectators than a regional baseball game.

The Oiler Field Stadium in Kenai
While I'm not a baseball fan, I can still appreciate the athleticism of these boys, as some of the games we watched were exciting, including a 3-hour nailbiter of Homer vs. Houston (Alaska).  I wanted to blog about this because it is yet another cog in life in Alaska.

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