Sunday, December 28, 2014

Whale on Bishop's Beach

I have walked Bishop's Beach many times and taken many pictures, but for all the times I've gone back since I took this photo in December 2008, I have never been able to find this stone again--the one that looks like a beached whale. I snapped this on whim like I always do, and it has made me do many double-takes since--I saw a beached whale on Bishop's Beach?!

I happened upon it just as the tide was coming in, and the white stuff is actually frozen ice like a freeze-ice slush, washed up.  I entered this picture in a photo contest a few years ago through the Islands and Ocean Visitor's Center and it won an honorable mention, which got it enlarged and mounted and returned to me after the display period. It now hangs on my living room wall to enjoy often.

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