Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bringing the Boats In

Yesterday as I was driving into town, I noticed six boats in the queue on Kachemak Bay to get dry docked at Northern Enterprises Boatyard. The only reason there are ever boats in that spot is if they are coming in or heading out of the boat yard. Salmon fishing is mostly over in Cook Inlet (there may be some emergency openings, but the regular openings are done), and it was a high tide. I didn't get stopped by a crossing boat, but on the way home an hour later, a boat made the crossing from Kachemak Bay, across Kachemak Drive into the boat yard. It was just a few moments and I was on my way. Only the largest boats get dry docked, and the ones that need to be worked on over the winter. 

From all reports I've heard, it was an underwhelming fishing season in the inlet; terrible is the word most commonly used. With budget woes already looming with the state's slashing their budget due to declining oil revenues, a poor fishing season is going to be a hard hit to the state as well. I'm feeling for the fishermen.

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