Sunday, October 29, 2017

Alaskan Wildlife

Not all wildlife in Alaska is "wild".  Here's some photos and videos I've gotten in the past couple months of 'wildlife'.

Cute little squirrel hanging out on the railing of the Ship Creek trail in Anchorage

I came out of church in late September and was impressed by the squanking of sandhill cranes going overhead. What impressed me more is that they kept coming...hundreds of them, all heading north. The lady standing next to me was saying that sandhill cranes cannot fly over the water so have to migrate over the shore, so they head north, following the shoreline. It was a treat to witness this, and I was expecting more but that is the only time this fall I have seen sandhill cranes fly over.

We don't normally get bull moose with large racks in our yard, and we definitely do not get bull moose with a cow in the yard, but so it happened last week. The cow took the rosebush out front, and the bull took the raspberry patch. Each was quite systematic about their work of eating them!

Another view of the munching moose:

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Unknown said...

Wow - the moose videos are great! Amazing how big they are. Thank you so much for sharing these videos.