Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nighttime visitor

Last night Doug heard a noise outside our bedroom after we'd gone to bed for the night. We could see a huge, furry animal right outside the window through the curtain, but couldn't tell what it was. When we finally had the guts to peek around the curtain we were relieved (though puzzled) to see it was just a moose rubbing up against the window. It was a pretty small moose, but since we were only separated by an inch of glass and we weren't expecting any animal to be hugging the window, it sure seemed big! After a few moments we could see why it was hanging out by our window. There is a doghouse out there, and there was some straw scattered around that had been used for bedding. With the snow a few feet deep, the moose got desperate enough to come by for the few nibbles.

As the snow gets deeper we see the moose more since they use roads to get around. In the summer we'd see moose every few weeks, but now we see them daily. As we've told the kids, if they're walking home from school and the moose doesn't get off the road, they better get off the road 'cause the moose is bigger, and our local moose is a momma with a baby!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
The moose sound facinating! I loved seeing them in Utah as often as I did. Miss them up here in Wisconsin, but there are other 'critters' that come around and keep me company here. Love hearing the animal stories - keep them coming!