Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Sports along the Seward Highway

This weekend we had to make a trip up to Anchorage for Aurora's robotics competition, and it ended up being the first time I've driven that road in daylight in the winter. I was surprised at how many winter recreationists were out and about. Just south of Anchorage there are ice-covered cliffs right along the road and I saw a number of ice climbers preparing for climbs. Turnagin Pass is about an hour south of Anchorage and is the only place I've seen that has more snow than where we live. That makes it a popular destination from the city, and the snowmobilers cruise up the sides of the mountains. If the mountainsides are gradual enough they sled around at the peaks. Telemarkers and downhill skiiers hike up the mountains and ski down. I'm guessing that some of them hitch a ride up on a snowmobile and then ski down. That looks like a blast! Further south there were ice fishermen on Summit Lake. Never mind that the daytime temperature was hovering around zero today, the crowds were out enjoying some sunshine and snow. And once again I am so regretful that I forgot my camera because the mountains were stunning and the trees were laden with snow and delightfully beautiful.

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