Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures from Home

Fall is here, and what with school starting for all of us, we don't get away from home as much. We don't have to go far for some beautiful scenery, and the weather changes dramatically from day to day, creating some beautiful scenes.
All of these pictures were taken from our deck in the past couple weeks.

Above, our neighbor's homestead, with the moonrise over it.

We've seen the sun so little this summer, and sunsets even less, so this was a treat.

After taking the sunset picture towards the west, I turned around and took this mist and rainbow photo to the east. The weather was pretty dramatic that day.

And today...the mountains are looking awfully gray. I'm shivering as I write this, and am going to go turn on the heat. The pea plants are blossoming madly and finally beginning to produce, and I'm worried about them getting hit by frost before they're done. The Midwest this is NOT!


Lorraine said...

AWESOME PICTURES - Wish I could visit!! ;)

Shelley said...

Loved today's photos! It looks like your neighbor's homestead is a log cabin with an addition on it? I like it!

Michelle Waclawski said...

Our neighbors have told their kids that when they die, they want their house torched! You would be impressed with how old this place is...people don't build log homes like it anymore!

My home is Alaska said...

Funny...you and I blog about many of the same things!

Michelle Waclawski said...

Except that you talk politics (I leave that to my husband!!), and have much more gory pictures on your blog. I'm genteel Alaskan comparatively.
But like you said, you were the one borrowing at first (Sounds like us--"Let's see, shall we buy clam shovels, dip nets, a boat, guns, etc., or shall we take a vacation to the Lower 48 to visit family??!!").