Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First snow...and still snowing

Sunday morning we woke up to a white world. Six inches of snow had collected overnight, transforming our green and brown world to black and white. The local pond (above) had a thin sheen of ice on it, and the ground was almost completely frozen. Just one week ago I cleaned out my garden: dug my veggies and pulled everything up. This was the day I was going to rent a rototiller and till in my compost. Looks like I missed the moment, and it's not going to happen till spring.

So Sunday was a play day, with the kids and I cross country skiing all over the local pastures, exploring the world from a different perspective! Snow forts went up, snowball fights ensued, hot cocoa was consumed and it was a joyous day. I fully expected the snow to all melt, as it was a sunny day, but it only melted a tiny bit, and snow has continued to drift down each day since adding to the base. It occurred to me that snow usually "sticks" till May 15 up here, so if this snow "sticks," that will be over 7 months of snow! Any takers??!! Or you can live in Homer where there's no snow (yet)!!


Lorraine said...

Hm - let me think. Indian Summer here - 70's expected for the weekend and the world is full of beautiful color on the trees.

I think I'll stay put for now, we get enough snow and it lasts long enough - 7 months might do me in!

Did Aurora get a card??

Shelley said...

Wow - it seems too early for snow - even in Alaska! (Guess that shows you how much I know about Alaska!) Your photo should be on a Christmas card!