Sunday, May 1, 2016

Natural Rose Pruners

As I was putting together my morning smoothie today, I turned away from the window and was startled when I turned back and there was a big 'ole momma moose standing right outside my kitchen window, munching on my rosebush. She went around it systematically, tearing off the fresh growth. Then she wandered off and junior (as I call the one-year-old moose who haven't been run off yet) sauntered into view and he started munching the lower branches that momma left. He too systematically went all around the bush, and then he followed his momma over to the lawn to graze.

Luckily, I don't care for that rosebush, and in fact I would be delighted if they would eat it to the ground. It is interesting how the moose learn where there is food they like, and those places become part of their "route." A few days ago a collared moose was eating my rosebush in the front yard. We'd been seeing him hanging around, but it was his first appearance we'd seen of him in our yard.

So maybe you get tired of reading about moose, but they do provide plenty of entertainment and diversion. The sandhill cranes are back and we see them stalking up the road so they entertain us too!

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