Monday, May 2, 2016

Pictures of Kachemak Bay--From the Air

As I've traveled across the bay for work the past year and a half, I have snapped a few pictures on occasion and thought I would share a few.

Homer is not as beautiful (this is looking out East End Road and "the bench"), as the view from Homer is!

Boat trainings are common in the spring, drawing in dozens of boaters

View of the Homer Harbor and the commercial part of the spit--shops, fish processing and Land's End

This is looking towards the base of the spit on a fairly low tide from the looks of it, as at a high tide all this is visible is the ribbon of road
MacDonald Spit and the mouth of Jakolof Bay to the left of it. Jakolof Bay is where the road to Seldovia starts

A beautiful view up one of the bays

Seldovia across the bay from the spit (lots of spits in this area!)
Another view of Seldovia; airstrip on the left; harbor on the right

The mouth of English Bay, looking towards Port Graham, which is about halfway up the bay on the right

A view of the Kenai Mountains, with only the tips showing today

Nanwalek, with the spit on the right doubling as the runway

Loving the curved runway of Nanwalek, with mountains on each end

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