Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Saltry and Danny J--A Halibut Cove Experience

Last week I did the most touristy thing I've done since coming to Alaska:  take the Danny J to Halibut Cove and eat at The Saltry Restaurant. It was an enjoyable thing to do for a low-key evening: beautiful ride, good food, nice company and even view some wildlife.

Heading out the Homer harbor

Halibut Cove with Poot Peak rising above it

Lighthouse guarding the entrance to Halibut Cove, now a vacation rental

The local arch to the left of the lighthouse

Cute sea otter entertaining us tourists

The still waters of Halibut Cove

Ripples across the cove

An art gallery featuring local artists is one of the few businesses in the cove

An idyllic view

Fireweed and fields

Quaint local directional signage

Boardwalks are the local streets in Halibut Cove

Enjoying a tree-shaded boardwalk

Some houses are quaint; others are old; all add to the atmosphere of Halibut Cove

Boarding the Danny J, a restored wooden boat
If the weather were rainy, windy or cold, this wouldn't have been as enjoyable. As it was, the overcast day was warm and calm, so five hours outside on the boat ride, wandering about on the trails and boardwalk and eating in the outdoor venue at The Saltry were pleasant. As a bonus we saw a black bear on shore as we were leaving the cove, topping a delightful evening outing.


Cate said...

Can't wait to do this. Thanks for the info about the boat and restaurant. Was it a five hour boat ride, or was the entire trip five hours? Hope all is going well with the kids back in school. Keep blogging. I enjoy it!

Cate <><

Michelle Waclawski said...

It was just an hour there and hour back boat ride; three hours there to wander about and eat.