Saturday, September 15, 2018

Beautiful Alaska on a Fall Morning: Vagt Lake

Vagt Lake on a calm fall morning

Labor Day weekend we did a mish-mash camping trip that included a visit to a relative in the hospital in Anchorage, shopping in the big city, a night in the Bird Point Campground just south of Anchorage, then a jog on down the road to Trail River Campground just south of Moose Pass on the way to Seward. We got some biking in, some hiking, and explored places we'd never been before.  

The trails we didn't find!
One of those places we discovered was Vagt Lake. We weren't intending to go there; the plan was to find the Falls Creek Mine or Falls Creek trails, neither which I'd ever heard of before, but which we'd stumbled across the day before while hiking from the Ptarmigan Campground.  But we didn't find the parking area for either of those, and having passed them I suggested we pull off where the Trail River outlets from Trail Lake and check it out. It led us to one of the most gorgeous, scenic views we've seen--courtesy of the soft fall morning light and an incredibly calm morning.

The trail was only a mile, graveled and mostly flat so very accessible. There's a nice picnic or tent area when you reach the lake. We started going around the lake but it got grown over quickly and we were just out for a pleasant morning hike so we left that for another time.  Here are some photos from the hike.

The bridge and walkway near the Vagt Lake turnoff

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