Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lazy Day In Search of Berries

Friends invited me to hang out with them in search of berries across Kachemak Bay last weekend. It turned into the most deliciously lazy day I have had in a long time. A late morning leisurely start out of the Homer Harbor included lots of details of affection about their sailboat. Smooth waters made the ride to Halibut Cove Lagoon relaxing, and I appreciated the new dock in the lagoon, having the rigged float dock for a year or two.

After a couple hours of random and unfocused berry picking (blueberries, crowberries, low bush cranberries, bunchberries, & watermelon berries) we made our way back to the dock where we had it all to ourselves and we sunned ourselves and ate lunch for a couple hours.

A ride back out of the Lagoon with the outgoing tide was exciting. We turned off the motor and rode the current, which was 5 to 12 knots in places. We joined the masses of sea otters that were floating about just off Hawaii Beach, which is the start of the Saddle Trail, floating along with them for another few hours. 

Then we took the boat to shore and each took some quiet time, hiking, berry picking, and napping. By time we were ready to go, the boat had gone dry so we had to wait for it to come back in. We got some dinner on the boat while waiting for the tide to rise. We also got treated to an incredible sunset from the beach. 

The ride back to Homer was magical, with glassy, sunset-laden colors on the water and the fullness of a day of great conversation, good food, lots of sunshine and a beautiful area. It was a day like no other I've experienced before.

Halibut Cove Lagoon dock

Our sailboat, with not enough water to get back out

Pilings from the herring warehouse that was built on Hawaii Beach in the 1920's

Pilings in the other direction--it was a huge warehouse!

Ways to go before we'll get back out!

No wonder this is called Hawaii Beach!

Glassy waters and sunset on Kachemak Bay at 10 p.m. in September

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