Monday, April 28, 2008

Bald Eagles

I admit we still point out bald eagles flying overhead to each other most of the time, which marks us as less seasoned Alaskans. I see them many times a day, perched on dead trees usually, or cruising along like they're headed somewhere. It is neat when they fly over so low that I can see their head moving back and forth as they scan the ground like the one that flew over my head last Wednesday as I sat on Bishop's Beach.
Eagles nests are everywhere, and very often the eagle is perched on the tree next to the nest. Last week on my way to Ninilchik I saw two eagles heads peeping over the edge of a nest along the Sterling Highway. I'd never seen eagles in a nest before. At first I thought they were babies, but when I started thinking about how big the nest was, I realized they'd have to be full-grown birds for me to be able to see their heads as I drove along at 55 mph. Plus, they don't get their distinctive white head and black bodies until they're a year old.
On my drive in to Homer, there is a big tree right next to a house that I often see two eagles perched on. They are always there together; never once has there only been one eagle on that tree.
The picture above was taken this morning on Bishop's Beach. These birds are so unafraid of people that you can often walk near them, though we try not to disturb them since this is really their territory more than ours. It is nice to have them around, and we appreciate their sharing space with us.

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