Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Car Sickness

All my life I have thought people who got car sick had extremely delicate stomachs and were, quite honestly, wimpy. Since moving to Alaska, I have gotten car sick more times than I care to recall. I blame East End Road, our link to civilization. Up to about mile 10, this road has long, straight stretches that climb up to McNeil Canyon School. About a mile past the school, though, the road narrows, gets rough and begins a twisting and turning that sends my stomach roiling. This is the area I get car sick. It happens most often if I have just eaten, and is worse if I'm looking down. Saturday I decided to treat the kids to reading a book aloud on the way home from town, something I have done for years in the car. I was fine, until we hit the curvy section. All of a sudden, it hit me. I needed the window open--fast! Now, I've never actually upchucked; it's always an incredible roiling in my stomach. The funny thing is, as soon as we get off the curvy roads (whichever direction we're going-home or to town), my upset stomach is history and I promptly forget it.

So here I am in the semi-wilderness of Alaska, and car sickness is my problem. Who would have thought??!! (So does that make me a wimp?!)

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