Monday, April 28, 2008

Muck Boots

I spent the day at Johnson Lake Recreation Area between Ninilchik and Soldotna today at an event called "Celebrate Salmon". There were 15 stations run by Kenai Peninsula 6th grade students, Fish and Game staff, Forest Service personnel, among others. As I wandered around chaperoning McNeil's fourth grade class, something struck me: the high number of muck boots. I would say at least 75% of the people at this event (parents, teachers and students) had on muck boots. This is one of the most "Alaska" things I have come across. I asked my daughter if it was just my imagination, and did anyone wear muck boots in Michigan? She said, "Nobody."

I bought my muck boots at Walmart when I went to Michigan during spring break, thinking they would be quite a bit cheaper there than up here. They were only $2 less than a more heavy duty pair I'd been looking at buying in Homer. Since I brought my muck boots home I have discovered a measure of freedom I've never had before. Mud means nothing now. In Michigan I wouldn't go for walks when it was muddy, or I would find a paved road. Now it doesn't matter how mucky it is, I can walk in peace. Of course, my kids wear muck boots, but they still come home muddy. I don't think they try to keep their clothes clean like I do! The irony of seeing all those muck boots today, though, is that for once we didn't need them!

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