Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Blog!

I just realized that I haven't let all my blog readers know that I started a new blog! Yes, Life in Alaska--A View from Homer will stay, but I started blogging about homeschooling back in December. Obviously, many of you won't be interested in a homeschooling blog, but hey, if you like how I write you might find it entertaining anyways!

My homeschooling blog is different in that I write in it most every day, but there are very few pictures, which I know is a bummer since everyone likes pictures. I'm working on figuring out how homeschooling can be more photogenic! Even though it doesn't relate to my new blog, I'm going to upload the moose video Denver shot in our yard a few days ago so you have something fun to look at in this blog entry! If we weren't homeschooling I don't know if Denver would be walking around with a camera quite as much as he is, and certainly not during daylight hours!

Anyways, the address of my new blog is I always like comments, and feel free to join and become my follower there too if you like, or pass the address on to friends who might be interested in homeschooling.

Ok, here's the moose video by Denver with our one room schoolhouse in the background:

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