Friday, April 26, 2013

Kachemak Bay Campus Art Show Opening Reception

Kachemak Bay Campus Art Show Opening Reception
Each spring, students from all of the art classes showcase their artwork in the Kachemak Bay Campus commons.  Tonight was the opening reception for the show and since that is now on my radar of "things to be part of," I went, and invited my friends to come see what we've been working on all semester.

In class last night we spent nearly 2 hours deciding where all the paintings should be hung, which was an interesting experience trying to get 10 students plus art instructor to agree, by consensus, which paintings should be hung where.  I'm impressed it took only that long, and finally I suggested we step away for a bit and come back with fresh eyes.

Along with paintings, there was pottery and handmade books from the bookmaking class.  Light refreshments greeted us and students from the classes mixed and mingled.  One Russian gal in my class brought her family--which was somewhere around 15 people!  We each had 2 items we could display in the commons, which will be up until May 17.  We also put artwork on display in the classroom--paintings in process or that we hadn't gotten around to taking home.  There was quite a mix of styles and genre, which made it more interesting.  It feels a little weird to have my artwork on display (I'm just a beginner!), but kind of fun too.  As my self-portrait is titled:  Oh What the Heck!  That's how I feel about it!!

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