Saturday, July 12, 2014

Awwww...Baby Moose in the Yard!

I was out starting to rake the lawn this morning and was startled when I walked around the cabin. There was a moose hiding back a momma with a a momma with two babies! The little ones were so adorable standing side by side peering at me through the moose fence (which is around my cherry trees, which the moose adore and the little ones were nibbling at). By time I got out my phone they'd gone lippity lippity across the road and when a car came by they decided to move on.

I felt a little bad because in the video the moose are watching me, and it is better if they are not aware of people's presence. I find that I would have to go out of my way not to influence the moose I see, so as much as I can I minimize my impact on them. I'm afraid this is one of those times I succumbed to the opportunity to video and photograph them.

A little moose trying to nurse

As an interesting side, when I went back to raking I found a cute little poop, the size of a small dog's, in my lawn. As we don't get dog poop in our lawn, and it was fresh with flies on it, I suspect it was from one of the baby moose.

So grateful for my moose fences to protect my garden!

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