Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid-summer Wildflowers

One thing I love about Alaska is the amazing show of flowers every summer. Considering how short our growing season is, we get quite the variety of sizes and colors, with various microclimate having its own types and season. When we were hiking Slaughter Ridge in Cooper Landing last week I snapped pictures of flowers along this trail. My years growing up I memorized hundreds of flower names, and that serves me well now, so there were just a few I didn't know the common names of.

Yarrow (Excellent homeopathic properties; can make tea from the fresh or dried flowers)


A single stalk of fireweed. Right now there are fields of fireweed blooming around Alaska, creating stunning displays.

I knew this one as a harebell growing up; I'm sure it has other common names

I took this of the yellow flowers, and didn't realize I also caught some harebells and monkshood in it, as well as the bridge across the Kenai River in Cooper Landing!


Indian Paintbrush


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