Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Week in Kenai

The college I work for is paying me to attend a training in Kenai for a week. They automatically make reservations at a hotel in Soldotna, but I didn't want to spend a week in a hotel, so asked if I could stay at the Diamond M Ranch instead. They have a B&B, cabins, restored Victorian rooms and an RV park. I was put in the Upper Foremen's Cabin (see picture below), a cabin that was built in 1998 from spruce beetle killed logs harvested from my aunt & uncle's ranch in Ninilchik. There is an upstairs and downstairs apartment. I am upstairs, and have a beautiful view of the bog that leads to the Kenai River (about a 1/2 mile from here) and the Alaska Range. Ronna Martin, one of the owners of Diamond M (and my cousin) has told me that many people that come to visit the ranch say it is very peaceful. Now that I have spent some time there, I agree. Although the busy K-Beach Road is a few hundred yards away, when I am in this cabin it is like there is nothing else and no place else. I have had a very peaceful week, and if I ever have to stay in Soldotna/Kenai area again, this is where I'm going to stay!

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