Monday, May 13, 2013

Bishop's Beachwalk

Morning view from Bishop's Beach over the entrance of Kachemak Bay

Recently while contemplating our upcoming vacation to the Lower 48, both my kids have mentioned that it will be weird not seeing the ocean or mountains, and my daughter doesn't think she wants to go to college somewhere if there isn't water.  They haven't even left and they already miss them!  Water and mountains are central parts of life in Homer since we are surrounded by them.

At this time of year all of my jobs and volunteer work drop off dramatically so I have more time on my hands for beachwalks.  My son forgot some homework that I ran into school for him and the beach called me.  It was a gorgeous morning, with the fog hanging onto the mountains and a brisk breeze.  Normally I don't notice the smell of the sea, but this morning it was smelling distinctly "sea-like"--briney, seaweedy, crisp and sharp.  The tide was going out but the wind was picking up so there were small waves coming in.

The newly redone path from Islands & Oceans to Bishop's Beach.
 The riff-raff of Homer (as one friend put it) wasn't out on the beach yet, and nor were the dog-walkers, so I had it all to myself.  Mine were the first footprints on the wet sand.  A strong line of kelp and seaweed had washed up on the high tide, and there must have been some waves because there was a fresh pile of gravel a foot or two high next to the kelp at the high tide line.  It was really nice it was so warm, so I didn't freeze despite the strong breeze.  These terms are relative:  'warm' was lower to mid-40's, and strong breeze was probably 10-15 mph winds.  I am grateful for any nice weather, and the sun was shining so no complaints about the strong breeze today!

The view of Bishop's Beach looking north. 
The tree trunks and beach grass help stabilize the shore.

I know that as we walk the shores of Lake Superior this summer we will be in awe that the waterline is always the same:  no tides is a novel idea!  We will miss the mountains, but we will also appreciate them all the more when we come back!  We're looking forward to new adventures!

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