Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diamond Creek Trail Update

I am waiting for the day that this entire trail breaks off and slides down into Diamond Creek.  In six years of hiking this trail I have seen mudslide after mudslide obliterate sections of this short little trail.  A few days ago, though, it seemed like there was more water going down the river than we'd ever seen before.  It took the kids a lot of work to get across the stream that normally they can clamber over quickly.

The most disquieting aspect of this hike was seeing a crack in the trail.  I've never been there when a slide happened, and I've never seen where the next slide was going to happen, but seeing this crack on the trail (and making jokes, "Don't step too hard there!") brought the reality home a bit more.  More than ever before, the trail was one big slippery slime path that required careful footing and grabbing onto handy alder trees.

We always enjoy a picnic at the bottom, watching sea otters and seabirds swim by and poking among the high tide debris for treasures.  This time a geocache was a neat find.  I'll keep you posted on this trail and will get pictures when it finally goes kaput!

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