Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moose Bed in Flowerbed

As I was walking out my door this morning I was puzzling about why my daffodil plants were squished down. I was looking for moose prints and I found a big one: the entire body print of a moose! The whole area was depressed and moose hair was scattered about. In our 5 years of living in this house, we've never had a moose bed down literally right next to it. Usually they are about 15 feet away, under the spruce trees on the other side of the house by the creek.

Just last week our next door neighbor grabbed me one morning as we were both heading out, telling me there was a young, injured moose in her yard. I'd been seeing tracks on the driveway but hadn't seen it. I am guessing this visitor was that injured moose, as the spot it depressed in the flowerbed was relatively small--about the size a 2-year-old moose would be. It would make sense it would be staying very close to humans for safety from predators.

I am happy that the moose didn't eat my daffodils. Last year they weren't up till the beginning of June, but this year they were sprouting in early April. That is how early our spring is this year!


Lisa said...

Is there any chance you could get him some help? I can't remember how I first got to your blog. But I enjoy reading it. I live on Long Island, NY and love to hear stories about life above the 48.

Lisa said...

Is there any way you could get the young moose some help, if he's injured?

I don't remember how I first got to your blog, but I enjoy reading about life in Alaska. I live on Long Island, NY.


MichelleW said...

Funny you should ask. When my neighbor told me about the moose I said, "It's just a matter of time." She replied, knowing exactly what I meant, "I didn't call. I want to give him a chance."

I haven't seen the hurt moose myself and don't know the nature of his injury. I tend to be pretty philosophical about it. The moose will die at some point--if it is injured it just may be a bit sooner.

Glad you enjoy my blog! One of my good friends here in Homer grew up on Long Island and loves it here.