Friday, January 9, 2015

Local Volcanoes Letting Off Steam

Our local volcanoes have been fairly quiet the past few years and although I regularly think to look for steam when driving by and looking at Mt. Augustine, Mt. Douglas, Mt. Illiamna and Mt. Redoubt, there is rarely steam spewing anymore so it is lower on my radar now. I think about earthquakes more than I think about volcanoes since local talk is that we are overdue for a "big one" and I wonder what it would be like to live through a quake like the one in 1964.

So these pictures just brought up reminiscing of the two eruptions there have been since we moved here in 2007 and the resulting ashfall. Of course volcanoes down the Aleutian Chain have erupted more recently, but although they are part of Alaska, they are a long ways off.

Mt. Augustine lets off steam in 2008 as viewed from Bishop's Beach

Mt. Redoubt letting off steam in 2009, from Sterling Highway a few miles out of Homer

Mt. Redoubt letting off steam, same day as above but view from the beach in Anchor Point

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