Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Misty Morning on Engineer Lake

A few years back I took a weekend trip with some Homer Women's Nordic gals to the Engineer Lake cabin. We had a beautifully foggy morning, though it made things a bit interesting rowing back to the parking lot through the fog!

Well, folks, a few months ago I went through all my Alaska photos to date and chose ones I thought I might not have shared or that were my favorites. These photos are the end of that list of to-share pictures. It is perfect timing because I will begin working Monday at Kachemak Bay Campus as an Adult Basic Education instructor, on top of my online teaching responsibilities and community communication workshops. My free time will go down to zip till summer, which thankfully I will still have off to go adventuring around Alaska. Part of my new job will be taking me across the bay to the villages of Seldovia, Port Graham and Nanwalek, so I'll keep you posted on adventures over that-a-way. 

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