Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halcyon Heights B 'n B of Homer

Sunrise and spit, mountains and Kachemak Bay--view from dining room of Halcyon Heights

Sunset from Halcyon. Even though the sun is setting far off to the right of this picture, the whole sky is lit up

Each year for the past 4 years my church has used a beautiful facility at Halcyon Heights Bed 'n Breakfast for their Confirmation retreats. Each year the kids walk into the facility and go "wow!" and they wow their way through the dining room, kitchen and down the stairs to the meeting room. They say "Wow!" to their bedrooms, the bathrooms--everything! As one boy said, "I've never seen a B 'n B with BlueRay players in every bedroom!" Parents wow right along with them, and many of them want to move in! 

This could be a really long blog post as I rave about Halcyon Heights. I don't think my pictures will do it justice. But here's my try at capturing this wonderful place.

Steven and Juxia Scarpitta have owned Halcyon Heights for 9 years now. They did extensive remodeling.  Steven showed me a picture of a log cabin from 1964 after the great earthquake, which story has it their living room was built around that cabin (with the logs still in the walls) and the rest of the building was expanded on over and over again throughout the years in true Alaska style. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the 1980's it was made into a bed and breakfast. Workers helping with the oil spill cleanup rented rooms here, and it finally became a business.

I stay in the Quarterdeck (each room has a name) on the main floor.  Here are some pictures from that room. I believe there are 3 other rooms appointed like this on the main floor. There are no microwaves or fridges in the rooms, but there are refrigerators scattered around the B n' B that can be used. All of the bathrooms I have seen now have two shower heads (one high for tall folks and one low for short folks) in the showers, with beautiful stone floors and shower stalls, twin sinks and just a feel of comfort. The bedrooms and apartments vary in decor and fixtures and accessories.

Master bed in Quarterdeck; small couch to left, bench with large flat screen TV to right

A skylight lightens this bathroom area

Double showers grace nearly every room

The stonework in the bathrooms is beautiful

Downstairs in the room we use as a conference room/girls bedroom, there are 4 murphy beds (the type that fold up into the walls), with whiteboards that get put up over each of them during the day when they are up. One murphy bed is a king, one is a queen and two are twins so it sleeps plenty of folks, and then there's a couple cubbies that folks can sleep on the floor as well. While that room does not have any windows to the outside, it does have an air system so fresh air is constantly coming in from outdoors and an outtake sends out the used air. Outside of that room there is a small sink, counter space and full-size fridge. For our group of about 10 folks, we can sit in a circle comfortably. It is comfortable with various types of lighting for different ambiances we might want.

Another apartment downstairs has a queen bed, double bed, couple couches and full kitchen. Yet another apartment has two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms, separated by a full kitchen. All have outside entrances so one does not need to go through the main entrance to get to them. All are nicely furnished with very comfortable beds (many have Temperpedic mattresses or at least mattress toppers).

View of Halcyon Heights--with about 3000 square feet of decking!
The view is best when you climb the hill behind the building to the top of the lawn. If one wants they can then follow a short path even further up, through the woods and loop back. Next to the steps to the hot tub was the most incredible highbush cranberry patch I've seen (the bushes were over 10 feet tall) and it took all my willpower not to pick them. What an amazing thing to have a patch like that right outside one's house! I'll admit to some jealousy!

The kitchen, with dining room in the background. This is where Juxia makes her delicious breakfasts!
 This is just a comfortable place to stay.  The breakfasts are delicious, a Kerig coffee and tea maker makes for easy drinks as needed, it is easy to get to (just 1.6 miles up East Hill Road, right on Mission Road, down it a bit and you're there) and of course the view is just amazing, especially when bald eagles soar by right in front of the window. I'll admit that I took the sunrise and sunset pictures in 2011--we got lucky that year and got both amazing sunrises and sunsets! 

A cozy living area with a large flat-screen TV, fireplace, couches, a piano and all the comforts of home--with a million dollar view
This is the view I want from MY hot tub! Imagine sitting here at night with the northern lights flicking above you...ahhhh.

If you're coming to Homer and want someplace to stay, I totally recommend Halcyon Heights. You'll be in for a treat! Every year when I come here for our retreat I say to myself, "I want to come here and spend a romantic weekend with my husband and just be a visitor!"

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