Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recent Sunset from Baycrest

A couple days ago I had dinner at Cosmic Kitchen. When we walked out of the restaurant the sky was lit up in brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, purples and blues, with a fascinating play of light on clouds and a single beam of sunshine cutting up across the sky in front of it all. All the way across town we kept admiring the light display. I wanted to get a picture but there would have been powerlines or lampposts in the way. Finally we got across town (only a few minutes) but the brilliant show that had taken up half the sky was over. We dashed up Baycrest Hill (another 5 minutes) to see if we could catch some final glory of that sunset, and we did manage to catch a bit, seen in the pictures below. That was a beautiful sunset by itself, but the display we'd seen from town was just crazy glorious.

I had to chuckle because when we got up to the Baycrest Overlook there were a bunch of cars parked with folks snapping pictures of the view. We weren't the only admirers of the sunset that day!

The bit of mountain sticking up on the horizon is Mt. Augustine. Mt. Douglas was also visible to the left of it (though not in this picture).

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