Friday, November 21, 2014

The Homer Spit

I don't find the Spit particularly beautiful, and when on it the feel is more of industry in parts of it, and tourism the rest of it. But the 5 mile length has provided much enjoyment over the years as I walk the paved spit path, explore the beaches, enjoy a meal at a great restaurant (LOVE Baliene Cafe and Finn's Pizza!), hop on a water taxi for a ride across the bay and once a summer check out the shops.

The spit actually is natural, and before the Earthquake of '64, was actually larger with trees and pastureland. After the quake it dipped 6 or 7 feet, according to accounts I have heard, so what is there now is quite bolstered up. This summer millions were put into the breakwall as during high tide storms the waves fly right over the road and started washing out the road. Now that is exciting driving on the spit during a storm with waves crashing over and debris of all sort flying by!

But this picture is just on one of the peaceful, sunny beautiful Alaskan days.

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