Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unseasonably Warm Temperatures

It looks like summer outside my window yesterday. Though my old-fashioned thermometer shows 43 degrees, it felt like over 50 in the sunshine, and the neighborhood was alive with folks out walking--without jackets. This is November in Homer! Crazy weather, as everyone is saying. My husband came home from a week out of town and commented about mowing the lawn (he was coming from Galena in the interior bush, where it was from 0 to the teens, unseasonably warm for them). My daughter is delighted to still be able to run on the track. 

The temperatures seem stuck at 43 degrees the past couple weeks
I show the thermometer at 43 degrees, because that is the temperature it seems to have been stuck at for the past two weeks. Oh, it dips into the 30's sometimes at night, but then it bounces right back to the 40's. It has been raining a lot (yesterday's sunny day was an exception), and if it were below freezing we would have feet of snow by now.

The ski swap last week, an annual tradition in the Homer High School commons, was relatively deserted. Normally it is wall-to-wall jam packed humanity, but there were only a handful of folks actually buying, and the rest were there selling or socializing. I know the skiers are getting cranky for snow:  one can only enjoy so much dry-land training. I'm sure it will come, but someone said the Farmer's Almanac predicts a winter like last winter, which was scarce on snow and temperatures in the 30's: borderline enough to be snow sometimes but rain often enough. Personally, I'd rather have snow all winter than this borderline which gives us ice, ice, ice (the bane of my life in Homer: I am so tired of driving on ice!).

I like to ski, but if I have to go for hikes I'll do that. Complaining isn't going to make the weather better...but I'll admit I love some warmth and sunshine too.

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