Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homer Rope Tow: Summer View

For those of you who follow my blog, you may have seen pictures of the Homer Rope Tow over the years.  I needed to run down to the warming hut yesterday and get a jacket out of the lost and found and figured I would give you a summer view of the rope tow.

View of the local rope tow slope from the warming hut:  summer view

The walk down there was a matter of wading through grass and fireweed that towered over our heads.  Normally we have our downhill ski boots on and skis over our shoulder as we make the trek so the weeds were nothing compared to that!  It seemed so quiet and lonely, though, as normally it is just a bustle of people around the warming hut and slopes.  The slope looks so much smaller in the summer....just a little hill! How could I ever be nervous about skiing down that?!  And there is just no getting away from the fireweed, though its fiery glow is now fading as the flowers reach the top of the stems, signalling the imminent onset of winter.

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