Friday, August 23, 2013

Yesterday's Pickin's

Onion, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, kohlrabi, yellow zucchini--bounty from the garden!

This is my favorite time of year:  the garden starts offering its bounty and when it is time to prepare dinner I run out and pick stuff and start throwing it together in some yummy way.  Here's some favorite ways we eat our fresh stuff:

Cucumbers end up on our salad, and any leftovers get sliced up and salted lightly.  Keep it simple!

Cooking up the onions in water and eating them with just a bit of butter is a tasty treat we fight over!

Kohlrabi is our before and after dinner snack since we don't have many.  We love the crunch!

Green beans rarely make it out of the greenhouse as we snack on them when we're hungy.

Tomatoes go on salads and eat them plain--more "keep it simple!"

Zucchini we stir fry up, add summer sausage, spaghetti noodles and Velveeta cheese  all mixed together.  Yum!

And berry season is kicking into full swing.  With this bucket of raspberries I picked yesterday, I've picked 4 gallons, and while I picked crowberries and blueberries, the kids ate those right up so they never made it into the freezer.  The watermelon berries I snuck by the kids so those made it into the freezer too.

This has been an awesome year for berries with the warmth and now a week of rain.  No more blogging for me today.  I've got more berries to go pick!


Unknown said...

We are heading to Nikiski to visit family in October. If you need any help eating all those raspberries, you let us know! Yum!!

Michelle Waclawski said...

Ha! At the rate we eat our goodies I'll be happy if there's any left in October. Thanks for the offer, though! ( :